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Types of Surety Bonds for Your Small Business

The surety bond acts as a safety net for your clients. It means that they’re reimbursed should you fail to deliver. But does it benefit you too?    Oftentimes, clients require surety bonds to reassure them of reimbursement in case something happens later on such as failure to complete the project, failure to follow regulations […]

What Kind of Insurance Does Your Restaurant Need? 

Protect your restaurant with the right insurance coverage. Here are three kinds of insurance coverage to consider for your restaurant business.    Insurance may not be a great happy-hour subject to talk about but it is a necessary topic that you need to put some thought into. Insurance isn’t only to protect yourself, your home, […]

Do you need flood insurance?

You have homeowners’ insurance, which is already a good thing. But how do you know if you also need flood insurance? Nothing good comes from destructive natural disasters, especially if your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the damages. Regardless of an impending catastrophe or not, your heart is more at peace knowing that your property […]

What is ATV Insurance and what does it cover?

ATV insurance is important but not many know just how beneficial it is. Let’s talk about ATV insurance, what it is and what it includes.   The Insurance Information Institute (III) says that ATV (all-terrain vehicle) insurance is a legal requirement depending on where you ride. Some states look for proof of ATV insurance when […]

Your Homeowners Insurance vs Natural Disasters

Your home is one of your biggest investments so it should be protected. One way of doing so is by getting homeowners insurance. Over 350,000 Kentuckians recognize how helpful home insurance is. Regardless if your home is located in a natural disaster-prone area or not, homeowners insurance is a good safety net.    The typical […]

Building Maintenance and Property Insurance

How does property maintenance affect insurance claims? Learn more below.    Your property is an investment, and it’s only logical that you protect it at all costs, regardless of the size of your business or the kind of facility you have. Building maintenance is an integral part of the trade – from regular cleaning to […]

Tips for First Time Home Buyers in 2022

Buying a home is a huge decision and responsibility. Check out these tips before buying your first home!    Homes have been selling for above asking price, and buyers have been bidding against each other since early last year. It’s truly become a competitive space that first-time homebuyers may find intimidating. But there are ways […]

Insurance Trends to Watch in 2022

It’s time to get ready for what lies ahead in the insurance industry.    Every industry changes due to economic conditions, customer demands, new market trends, and more. All these things prompt industries to adapt to survive. Here are some trends you need to know to ensure that you’re keeping up with the changes in […]

Things to Consider when Choosing Your Health Coverage

Getting health insurance isn’t only beneficial for individuals but also for families. However, picking the right fit for your needs can be overwhelming. Instead of enjoying its advantages, you may end up putting your family in a financial bind. You must arm yourself with the right knowledge to make the right decision. Below are some […]

Plan Your Year: 3 Financial Planning Trends 2022

Have you set up a financial plan for the coming year? If not, then take note of these financial trends in 2022 as your guide.    The pandemic has caused much distress and distractions to peoples’ lives in the past two years. Aside from the health threats, many families have faced an unprecedented financial crisis […]