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Saving for Your Emergency Fund

Regardless of the situation, an emergency fund will help you keep your family afloat! Times have been tough for most of us, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Kentucky, at the time of writing, the state now has a total of 7, 935 cases with a death toll of 346. The upside […]

Insurance Companies Offering Rebates to Customers

Did you get any insurance rebates yet? If you haven’t, stick around to learn how to get yours.    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay in their homes thus causing fewer car accidents in the streets of America. The lack of vehicular accidents, in turn, resulted in fewer claims and an increase […]

Unemployment Insurance Crash Course

With the influx of people filing for unemployment insurance, there’s a line of people waiting on hold. But what is unemployment insurance?   Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Education and Workforce Development cabinet Josh Benton both passed new guidelines on how to file unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs due to the […]

Kentucky Insurance News regarding COVID-19

Almost 20% of Kentucky’s workforce is affected due to the coronavirus pandemic.    Nearly 10 million people in Kentucky have filed for unemployment benefits since the announcement for filing in March. However, losing a job carries a string of worries for families not only in terms of how the family heads can provide and put […]

Kentucky’s New Unemployment Insurance Guidelines

A new guideline has been implemented due to the surge of layoffs in several industries caused by COVID-19.    Many businesses in Kentucky have closed down after Gov. Andy Beshear released an order to put a pause in in-service dining at restaurants. Other non-essential businesses such as salons and barbershops have closed down. This occurrence […]

New Kentucky Bill Would Require Insurers to Help with EpiPens

Kentucky followed suit with Illinois’ bill that requires health insurance providers to include the Epinephrine injectors in their coverage for children and teenagers.    Illinois was the first state to propose the bill that aimed to help parents save up some money from purchasing a life-saving epinephrine shot for their children. Instead of burdening the […]

Kentucky’s Young Children without Health Insurance Increased to 50.7%

We all need regular check-ups but children often need more attention. There are baby appointments, routine immunizations, screenings, vaccinations, and more.    The number of children without insurance in Kentucky has increased to over 1 million for the first time since the Affordable Care Act was implemented in 2014, according to the research data from […]

Auto Insurance Rates Could Increase this Year

Lending Tree reports that Auto insurance may see a rate increase this year. But why? Read more.    There are several reasons why auto insurance prices will likely rise this year. The increasing record of natural disasters as well as the increasing repair rate of tech-loaded vehicles are just some of the assumed reasons for […]

Lower Your Home Insurance Cost in 2020

Are you looking for ways to lower your homeowner’s insurance and decrease your insurance spending this year?    Owning a house in America means having to shoulder the cost of homeowners’ insurance. It is an expense that you can’t escape from. The cost of your home insurance differs based on the location and age of […]

Reevaluate Your Insurance Policy in 2020

The new year has just begun, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your options and see if you still have the best coverage.    The start of a new decade is a great time to take a hard look at your personal finances. For people who are working on a tight budget, it’s practical to […]