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Kentucky Eases Up Restrictions on Some Businesses

 Kentucky restrictions on businesses On Monday, December 14, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the state is now easing businesses’ restrictions, including bars, gyms, and restaurants. Beshear compared COVID-19 to a fast-moving train. There is no way to turn it around immediately. The process has to be slow. Kentucky’s Restrictions in fighting against the pandemic’s spread […]

Extended Unemployment Insurance Ends this Weekend

Over 4,700 Kentuckians will lose their unemployment insurance benefits by the end of November.    After November 28, no new applications will be accepted and claimants who failed to claim their benefits will no longer be entertained. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet said that about 4, 723 employees in Kentucky are to lose their unemployment insurance […]

What does Kentucky Farm Insurance entail?

Farm Insurance is created to help protect farmers and their families. Regardless of the farm’s size, insurance agencies aim to help farm owners choose the insurance coverage that’s right for their needs and budget.    Agricultural production is dependent on many factors including weather conditions. With climate change, the weather conditions have been changing such […]

The Value of Life Insurance

The pandemic has shocked the world and all its industries. Many people and businesses were unprepared for the financial challenge that came with it. Even today, many are still trying to figure out a way around it and thrive to survive. Businesses have closed down, people have lost their jobs, and many lost their sense […]

Funds Raised for Small Businesses in Louisville, KY

Small businesses in Kentucky will be received a boost from grant money.  Small businesses are considered the core of the economy. In fact, Kentucky has 339,747 small businesses that employ 69, 175 employees. That accounts for over 49% of all the state’s private-sector jobs. There are also 270,572 small businesses with one-person operations. This shows […]

Medicaid Helps Kentuckians in Time of Crisis

Kentucky is one of the leading states in Medicaid enrollment as it aims to sign up for all those who are eligible for the service.  The health coverage is just what people need in this time of crisis, especially when many have lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic. The state adopted the […]

Is COVID-19 Covered by Your Health Insurance?

The pandemic has brought some health care insurance issues to light.  The US government has put forth some ways to strengthen health insurance for its citizens. In fact, the health of its people is one of the country’s top priorities. This is especially important in the face pandemic. Many agencies have activated emergency plans to […]

Protect Yourself from Insurance Scams!

Don’t become prey to insurance fraud. Read more and learn how to protect yourself.  Insurance fraud is not a new issue, it’s always been here and many have fallen victim to this deliberate deception perpetrated by insurance companies or agents for their financial gain. Insurance fraud may be committed in any stage of the transaction […]

Kentucky Aims to Revive the State Insurance Exchange

Kentucky has pointed out that COVID-19 is a deadly lesson and the state is learning it the hard way.  Governor Andy Beshear is seeking to bring back Kentucky’s health insurance exchange, Kynect, a program taken down by the previous Republican governor, Matt Bevin. Beshear said that he’s been sending out letters to federal officials to […]