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Why You Should Get Life Insurance Today

No one saw the pandemic coming. Indeed, no one can predict the future. You’ll never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you will need an insurance plan — be it illness, hospitalization, retirement, death, or even an auto accident, a property incident, or an economic crisis affecting your business. And because you […]

Insurance Options for the Church

Most churches operate on a very tight budget. A single incident without insurance can wipe out many churches financially. That is why church insurance is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your church and other religious organizations. Insurance companies offer many types of policies to protect your church’s most valuable assets […]

The Basics of Insurance

Understanding insurance can be complicated. Allow this article to explain the basics of insurance to help you understand how your choice of insurance will protect your lifestyle, assets, and personal property. What is Insurance? Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses […]

The Importance of Life Insurance

Kentucky ranks highly in national surveys of affordability. It boasts a wealth of educational and workforce opportunities as well as some of the best livability factors in the country. However, such factors don’t ensure life will be great at all times – COVID-19 proves this.  The impact of the pandemic The pandemic doesn’t discriminate based […]

Choosing the Right Insurance

Thinking of getting an insurance service that fits your needs at the moment? Contemplating what insurance to buy based on the situation you are in? Fret no more because we at London Insurance Agency and Insurance Service Center will help with all your insurance concerns. We are a dedicated team of experts that work together […]

Why is Insurance Important for nonprofits?

There are multiple different types of insurance that nonprofit organizations may need. In this article, we’ll dive into these types and why insurance is so important for nonprofit organizations.   Nonprofit organizations do not make it their aim to create profit. However, these organizations are still businesses in one way or another. They still need […]

Kentucky Eases Up Restrictions on Some Businesses

 Kentucky restrictions on businesses On Monday, December 14, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the state is now easing businesses’ restrictions, including bars, gyms, and restaurants. Beshear compared COVID-19 to a fast-moving train. There is no way to turn it around immediately. The process has to be slow. Kentucky’s Restrictions in fighting against the pandemic’s spread […]

Extended Unemployment Insurance Ends this Weekend

Over 4,700 Kentuckians will lose their unemployment insurance benefits by the end of November.    After November 28, no new applications will be accepted and claimants who failed to claim their benefits will no longer be entertained. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet said that about 4, 723 employees in Kentucky are to lose their unemployment insurance […]

What does Kentucky Farm Insurance entail?

Farm Insurance is created to help protect farmers and their families. Regardless of the farm’s size, insurance agencies aim to help farm owners choose the insurance coverage that’s right for their needs and budget.    Agricultural production is dependent on many factors including weather conditions. With climate change, the weather conditions have been changing such […]

The Value of Life Insurance

The pandemic has shocked the world and all its industries. Many people and businesses were unprepared for the financial challenge that came with it. Even today, many are still trying to figure out a way around it and thrive to survive. Businesses have closed down, people have lost their jobs, and many lost their sense […]