What is ATV Insurance and what does it cover?

ATV insurance is important but not many know just how beneficial it is. Let’s talk about ATV insurance, what it is and what it includes.


The Insurance Information Institute (III) says that ATV (all-terrain vehicle) insurance is a legal requirement depending on where you ride. Some states look for proof of ATV insurance when the ATV is being driven on state-owned property. Pennsylvania only allows owners to drive their ATVs off their property if they have proof of liability insurance. If you are an ATV owner, you’ll need to check the laws and regulations of the place you live.

ATV Insurance defined

Every state may have its definition of what an ATV is, but these definitions are almost all the same. ATVs are often defined as any motorized vehicle with either two or more wheels for off-road driving. These vehicles are unlike others in the sense that they’re not meant for highway use and they’re not licensed. However, like any other vehicle, it may pose danger to both the rider and the people around it if not used properly. Repairs and replacements are also expensive. ATV insurance is a practical protection. Insurance is also necessary if you want to use your ATV in places other than your land. 

What’s covered in ATV Insurance?

What’s included in the coverage depends on your needs. Your ATV insurance may include liability, comprehensive, underinsured, and collision coverages. There are also add-ons if you deem them necessary. 


Bodily injury liability coverage includes paying for the damages you caused to another driver or person. This also pays for the legal fees from litigation processes. There’s a limit for bodily injury liability and it’s usually a cost per person and the total cost spent per accident. 


The best way to avoid liabilities is to keep your ATV secured in a private area/garage with supervision. Know that you’d still be found liable even if you’re not the one riding the vehicle if the driver doesn’t have permission to drive ATVs. It’s important to only allow those who have permission to drive ATVs to use your vehicle. It’s equally necessary to always be aware of the regulations for ATV use in your state and to follow these laws diligently. 


Property damage liability 

This coverage pays for the damages you caused to another person’s property. This may include damages to the other person’s ATV, his/her yard, his/her home, and others. The claim is limited per incident. 


Other coverages such as medical payments, underinsured/uninsured, collision, and comprehensive are optional. 


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