Your Homeowners Insurance vs Natural Disasters

Your home is one of your biggest investments so it should be protected. One way of doing so is by getting homeowners insurance. Over 350,000 Kentuckians recognize how helpful home insurance is. Regardless if your home is located in a natural disaster-prone area or not, homeowners insurance is a good safety net. 


The typical homeowner’s policy covers several disasters including tornadoes, lightning strikes, and winter storm damage. These events are called insurance perils. However, the disasters covered still depend on the kind of policy you get. It’s best to know the potential damages before you pick the insurance policy for your home. 

Homeowners Policies – What’s not covered?

Generally, homeowner’s policies cover your home and all that’s in it. You can go as specific as you can with the items in your home you want to be covered. Naturally, not all disasters are covered by your homeowners’ insurance. What isn’t covered?


Earthquake losses are usually not included in the basic coverage although they can be purchased as additional coverage. If you are unsure, always ask your agent or insurer if your coverage includes earthquake losses and damages. 


Flood losses are generally excluded from homeowners’ policies as well. You can get this coverage straight from the National Flood Insurance Program or you can reach out to one of our agents. Professional agents here in London Agency Insurance work with several insurance agencies and they may be able to help you connect with private insurers.


Car damages due to natural disasters may be covered but ask your insurer or agent to be sure. 

Extend your Home Insurance Policy

There is nothing wrong with making sure that all your bases are covered. Not all kinds of damages and repairs are covered by your home insurance. Some homeowners decide to get more coverage options for better protection. Some policies cover the entire cost of rebuilding a house. 


Your agent can help you get the additional coverage you want. But as always, it’s best to sit down and think of it beforehand. Consider your needs and requirements, your finances, and the potential damages in the future. All these should be factors in deciding whether you need the additional protection or not. 


The average homeowner’s insurance rates in Kentucky differ because of three things – location, the size of your home, and the neighborhood’s safety. Every home is unique and so are the things inside it. The same rate isn’t applicable for all kinds of homes. 


Are you a homeowner without homeowners insurance yet? Give our agents a call today to get the right coverage for the right price. Our agents will assist you from beginning to end. They’ll sit with you, consider your insurance needs, your budget, and get you coverage to protect your home.