Medicaid Helps Kentuckians in Time of Crisis

Kentucky is one of the leading states in Medicaid enrollment as it aims to sign up for all those who are eligible for the service. 

The health coverage is just what people need in this time of crisis, especially when many have lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic. The state adopted the Affordable Care Act in 2013 and at the moment, Kentucky now has the highest number of people getting the coverage via the federal-state plan. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported the change of enrollment before and after the pandemic. This change shows the impact of the health crisis on the economy as they lost their source of income and have become eligible for Medicaid. 


The Medicaid program now covers over 1.5 million Kentuckians, about one-third of the state’s entire population. But despite this growth, there are still 5.5% of Kentuckians without insurance and another 6.4% black residents without health coverage. Lisa Lee, Medicaid Commissioner, said that having health coverage is all the more important in this time of the pandemic. This is good for people who need care and equally advantageous for struggling rural hospitals and clinics because they’re sure that patients can pay for the services they receive. 


Medicaid’s funding comes from the federal government and for the next two years, it will be needing $2 billion/yearly. Addressing this need, Sen. Steve Meredith said that Kentucky must focus on reducing the cost to help more people. There must also be an effort to help people find jobs with employer insurance. 


Eligibility for Medicaid depends on income and family size. Regardless of what state you are in, you will be covered if you are in the low-income category, if you are pregnant, an elderly, or a person with a disability. 


Do I need Medicaid or any health insurance?

Medicaid is an entitlement program which means it is to be given to anyone who is eligible for it. That emphasizes the importance of health care coverage as it’s not to be demanded, it’s given outright for those who deserve it. With Medicaid, you can get the mandatory health services including physician and hospital care, other laboratory services, nursing facility services for the elderly, and more. What if you are not eligible? In that case, you will need to look for coverage yourself. This is where our agents come in. 


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