Is COVID-19 Covered by Your Health Insurance?

The pandemic has brought some health care insurance issues to light. 

The US government has put forth some ways to strengthen health insurance for its citizens. In fact, the health of its people is one of the country’s top priorities. This is especially important in the face pandemic. Many agencies have activated emergency plans to ensure that the people have access to prevention, testing, and treatment of COVID-19. However, this is always easier said than done due to the many factors in play when it comes to providing a coordinated response to fight the virus. Health insurance plays a huge role from the very beginning so that patients can take the wisest actions to keep themselves safe. 


Half of Americans get their health insurance coverage from their employers. Due to the breakout of the virus, employees have filed for unemployment insurance. Hundreds of thousands have lost their health insurance in the most important time and for others, keeping the coverage has become costly. Research shows that most Americans have postponed their recommended treatment or that of their family members because of the cost. Congress is addressing the problem by passing two legislations, the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) and the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act. 


Governor Andy Beshear announced that the state has applied and been granted $5,523,949 for CARES Act to cover expenses related to COVID-19. Beshear added that the local government is putting effort into ensuring that there is funding to keep Kentuckians safe. One of the agencies that came forward in terms of fighting against the pandemic is the KEHP (Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan). All 260,000 members of KEHP, a self-funded health insurance plan, will get no-cost health care coverage for COIVD-19 diagnosis. Members also have free screening and testing – these services are provided via doctor’s offices and labs, emergency treatment centers, urgent care centers, and hospitals using telehealth. The members also have free access to telehealth medical services via LiveHealth Online. About 6.6% of all of Kentuckians are members of KEHP. 


Even then, the pandemic is a challenge for insurance agencies and hospital establishments. States are already providing surprise-billing protections as lawmakers try to eliminate bills from out-of-network providers.         


Preparing for individual insurance before on-set health risks 

The pandemic is forcing people to swallows some hard truths. Many people are unprepared in terms of their health insurance and other policies that could have protected them from the very beginning. Others think that getting health insurance isn’t practical but this pandemic has taught us otherwise. 


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