1-2-3 No Cost to Me and MedicAid Works Campaigns Launched in Kentucky

The 1-2-3 No Cost to Me campaign aims to enroll more Black and Hispanic residents in Medicaid. 

The state launches the 1-2-3 No cost to Me campaign aimed to help Black and Hispanic residents and other low-income or disabled individuals. Jackie Richardson, chief of staff at the State Cabinet for Health and Family Services expressed his excitement over the campaign. In a briefing with Mayor Greg Fischer, Richardson added that African-Americans have the lowest health coverage rates and worst health outcomes, especially in this pandemic. The goal is to decrease racial disparities that have been very prevalent in these times. 


In Louisville, 23% of Black residents account for 27% of deaths in the area. While the Hispanic population which is 6% of the total population accounts for 13% of positive cases of Covid-19, and for 3% od deaths. In the state, only 8.5% of the total population are Black but they account for 14% of deaths. Out of the over 35,000 Covid-19 cases in the state, 13% are Black. 


What does this campaign mean? 

The Wellness Department and Louisville Metro Health have been putting a lot of effort into ensuring equality amongst all Kentucky residents. This campaign will immensely support that cause. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, Gov. Andy Beshear had been trying to expand health coverages for residents of color. 


This campaign focuses on seven counties with the most minority residents in Kentucky including Christian, Madison. McCracken, Warren, Fayette, Campbell, and Jefferson. The campaign will be large and several channels will be used to ensure that people are informed. There will be public service advertisements, radio and tv ads, bust stop ads, social media, and billboards.  The target is 20,000 Black residents and 34,000 Hispanic residents. If qualified, residents can sign up here to access Medicaid, SNAP, and Wick benefits. 


Medicaid Works campaign 

In other news, the Modern Medicaid Alliance launched the Medicaid Works campaign which aims to educate the policymakers and the public on what Medicaid delivers. It also aims to save taxpayer dollars while increasing Medicaid’s coverage. 


This health coverage plays a big role to provide families and the local workforce the protection they need against emergency cases. Programs such as the Medicaid allows every Kentucky residents to pursue growth and productivity, said C. Gregory Higdon, the President of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers. The program is also important for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and the economically displaced. 


Should you get health coverage?

Not all are eligible for Medicaid and if you are one of them, you will need to get health coverage privately. The pandemic wasn’t entirely unprecedented but its scale surely rocked the global economy. This is the best time for you to ensure your safety and that of your family. It is imperative that whatever emergency may strike your family, they are protected. You can start looking out for coverages that fit your needs. Life insurance, personal insurance, and more. 


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