Kentucky Employee’s Health Plan has Additional Coverage

The Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan (KEHP) is giving additional coverage for its members and will be effective from January to December 2020. 

The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet announced on Tuesday that state workers who are also members of the Kentucky Employee’s Health Plan will be getting no-cost health care coverage for any COVID-19 diagnosis. Kentucky Employee’s Health Plan is a self-funded insurance plan with over 260,000 members including some retired school board members, employees from semi-government agencies, or local government units such as health departments, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, among others. It serves about 6.6% of all of Kentucky. 


The Personnel Cabinet further added that it’s planning to cover 100% of both in-patient and out-patient services that are related to COVID-19 treatment of their network providers. This would mean that all the members will not have to pay any share when the services they received are billed with a COVID-19 diagnosis. 


Expansion coverage 

The expansion isn’t at all surprising as it is a response to gov. Andy Beshear’s Executive Order 2020-215 which was a declaration of a state of emergency for the on-going pandemic. Beshear said that health and keeping everyone safe is the top priority in the State’s ongoing battle against the crisis. Many residents have apprehension in getting tested due to the cost of treatment relating to the disease. With this expansion, Beshear expects a better transition to “Healthy at Work.” 


Other inclusions of the expansions are as follows: 

  • No cost-sharing for all screening and testing for COVID-19
  • Free access to medical and behavioral health services via LiveHealth Online
  • Free access to medical and behavioral health services via LiveHealth Online from March until June this year


You can check out more about the expansion in its site at


Importance of Health Plan 

Health insurance isn’t just for those who are suffering from chronic disorders. A good health plan is important to all as it serves as a safety-net for any health emergencies you may face. The coverage can greatly help families by relieving them from the financial burden of health care expenses that arise from accidents or chronic diseases. It can also offer long-term protection and can contribute to the well-being of your family not only financially, but also in the emotional and physical well-being of your kin. 


Before you choose your health insurance option, there are some recommendations that you need to consider. You can talk to your family beforehand to know the coverage preferences that your family has. You can also call us with your questions and our agents will give you answers. 


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