Workers Compensation Insurance in Kentucky

Workers Compensation insurance in Kentucky is mandated by law and as a Kentucky business owner you need to have the right coverage for your employees.  Many factors are involved in obtaining a workers comp policy and here are some of those:

  1. Number of employees.  Since coverage is required for each employee, the number of workers is the main factor in price and coverage.  The cost of your payroll is also a factor that insurance companies look at in evaluating your premium.
  2. Work related risks.  You will have a higher workers compensation premium is the work your employees perform is considered risky.  Many businesses will try to make the workplace safer in order to get a better rate on coverage.
  3. Claims.  A big determining factor is the costs of past claims made by a company when evaluating your risks.

If you can provide a safer work environment and keep your claims down, you can usually get better coverage for a more affordable price.  Contact us at London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center to see if we can help you in decreasing your workers compensation risks.