Top Property and Liability Claims for Small Businesses

Kentucky small businesses have claims relating to many different things including injury, liability or other damage.  Some carriers have indicated that some claims are more expensive than others and sometimes no thought of as often.

Some of the most expensive claims for a Kentucky business include:

  1. Vehicle Acccidents – make sure to vet your new employees if their driving company cars.
  2. Product Liability
  3. Fire – make sure to have all your fire protection devices up to date.
  4. Customer Injuries
  5. Theft – background checks on employees can help sometimes with burglary or theft risks.
  6. Water Damage – make sure key employees are aware of where the water turn-off value is in case of a water problem.

Let a London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center expert help you find the best business insurance coverage at an affordable rate to hopefully avoid any of these losses to your Kentucky business.