Unemployment Insurance Crash Course

With the influx of people filing for unemployment insurance, there’s a line of people waiting on hold. But what is unemployment insurance?


Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Education and Workforce Development cabinet Josh Benton both passed new guidelines on how to file unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Since then, the number of people calling has more than doubled. In a regular day sans pandemic, the number of calls would range to 1,000 to 1,200 a day and with 12 people manning the phone. Today, the number of people calling has gone up to 80,000 to 200,000 a day with 120 people behind the phone answering them. With the sudden spike of traffic, some lags and waiting are expected. 


What is the UI Trust Fund? 

In normal circumstances, an unemployment insurance fund is used to pay out unemployment insurance claims. The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet controls and manages that fund. When a person files for a claim, the agency reviews and verifies the employment and wage history of the claimant. When the claim is approved, the individual can then proceed to get the claim. 


Are you qualified to file? 

Any individual who lost their jobs could appeal but they still have to undergo an appeal process to figure out the party at fault. The process may take a week depending on the number of people waiting. When the entire process is done, the check-out may take a week or two. 


If you are planning to file a claim, the process will be smoother if you prepare the requirements ahead of time. You will need the following


  • Driver’s license 
  • Dates of employment
  • Social security number
  • Employer’s information


Because of the number of people filing for a claim, the agency has set-up a schedule for those who want to make a call. You can apply on a specific day based on your surname. 


  • A-D Sunday
  • E-H Monday
  • I-L Tuesday
  • M-P Wednesday
  • Q-U Thursday
  • V-Z Friday 

Note: All the others who weren’t able to file in their specified dates can make their calls and file their claims on Fridays. 


Claimants will get their first payment automatically and all the other benefits are extended for up to three weeks. An additional $600 will be added to the claim checks when the state receives the federal guidance. 


Employer Relief Bill signed 

In other news, Kentucky Governor Beshear signed the Employer Relief Bill to offer relief to employees severely affected by the pandemic. The bill relieves employers by turning unemployment insurance into law. This means waiving the 7-day waiting period for Kentucky residents and giving them access to the unemployment benefits. That aside, the bill also enables states to start licensing, renew application fees and other administrative requirements, and to keep business owners’ insurances to impact their employers. 


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