Kentucky Insurance News regarding COVID-19

Almost 20% of Kentucky’s workforce is affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Nearly 10 million people in Kentucky have filed for unemployment benefits since the announcement for filing in March. However, losing a job carries a string of worries for families not only in terms of how the family heads can provide and put food on the table but also protecting their families’ health amid COVID-19. 


Medicaid and extended Medicaid program

Dustin Pugel, senior policy analyst at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, estimated that tens of thousands have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance in Kentucky. 


Many employees in Kentucky depend on their employers for their health insurance payments. With an unemployed status, their healthcare coverage options are now put on hold. Governor Andy Beshear explained that along with filing unemployment insurance claims, Kentuckians can also apply for Medicaid coverage. 


WellCare of Kentucky oversees Medicaid coverage for over 400,000 residents of Kentucky. Medicaid is a federal and state health program that’s aimed for the disabled and the poor but will now also include the ones affected by lay-offs due to the pandemic. For those who wish to apply, you can call +1 855-459-6329 or visit to fill up the one-page application. 


Eric Friedlander, the acting cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary, said in an interview earlier this month that aside from Medicaid, they can also get their insurance via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via He further added that they have made presumptive measures and assumed that everyone is eligible for the expanded Medicaid program. The program will be short-term coverage and benefits end on June 30 or two months after filing. 


Retroactive payments for delayed unemployment filings

JT Henderson, executive director of communications for the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, announced last Thursday that Kentucky is issuing retroactive payment for people who got their checks late. 


Those who filed for unemployment insurance are supposed to automatically get their check two weeks after their initial filing. Due to the influx of people filing a claim, the workforce could not accommodate all the claims on time. This is even with the additional people hired to help the agency get the calls of anxious applicants. Gov. Beshear has apologized profusely for the delay and other issues regarding the claims. He assured the public that the agency has been taking as many calls as they can. 


KFB Insurance donates $500,000 to support the Kentucky Hunger Initiative

Kentucky Farm Bureau donates half a million dollars to aid hunger. KFB’s President, Mark Haney shared how the pandemic has affected all walks of life regardless of socioeconomic status. However, it has impacted those who were living in food-insecure conditions even before the health crisis has begun. 


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