Protecting Your Home from burglary in Kentucky

Many homes in Kentucky each year are burglarized, and people face home invasions every year.  However, there are steps that Kentucky homeowners can take to help protect their homes.  Many times, as well, these steps can help lower your homeowner premiums and claims.

Most home burglaries are often sparked by triggers such as unlocked doors or unlocked windows.  Homeowners in Kentucky can take steps to try and prevent these triggers and protect their home better.

Some of these steps include:

  1. Installing a security system.
  2. Locking all doors & windows.
  3. Keep the outside of the home well maintained.
  4. Install motion sensor lighting.
  5. Don’t leave trash out that may hint at recent expensive purchases.

Ask the agents at London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center if these steps may also save you money on your Kentucky homeowners insurance policy.