Kentucky Aims to Revive the State Insurance Exchange

Kentucky has pointed out that COVID-19 is a deadly lesson and the state is learning it the hard way. 

Governor Andy Beshear is seeking to bring back Kentucky’s health insurance exchange, Kynect, a program taken down by the previous Republican governor, Matt Bevin. Beshear said that he’s been sending out letters to federal officials to notify them of his plans by the start of 2022. Former Gov. Steve Beshear started this initiative in 2013 and this enabled the people of Kentucky to buy commercial health plans or sign up for Medicaid. Simply put, this initiative was a joint health care project by the federal and the state that is aimed at the disabled and the less privileged people of the society.


The pandemic greatly impacted Beshear’s decision on the revival of the health insurance exchange. COVID-19 has shown us that a lack of proper hygiene and good health make everyone less resilient. There is a need to improve the health care system and offer people a chance at better health. A program similar to Kynect will be fully implemented by January 1, 2022, as stated by Gov. Andy Beshear. 


Better and healthier Kentucky 

Gov. Beshear said that about half a million people in Kentucky were enrolled in Medicaid and other health plans. While it was still in effect, Kynect was able to help the state decrease the number of uninsured people in the state. Before Kynect, Kentucky had the highest rate of uninsured citizens in the country. The goal is still the same: to ensure that every Kentuckian is enrolled in health benefits and coverage. The focus will be to sign up Black Kentuckians first as they are the minority that suffered most in this pandemic. 


Importance of insurance coverage 

Insurance is an asset, it is an investment. You can insure your car, your home, and most importantly, you can insure your life and your ability to provide for your family. One of the reasons why you need insurance is to protect yourself and your family. As the head and the provider, it is your responsibility to provide financially and support your wife and kids. It offers them financial security and reduces stress during hard times. 


The world is plagued with the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone is affected in one way or another. Many have lost their jobs, many have lost their businesses. Despite that, they are able to push through because they have a safety net. They have their insurance to cover their living expenses for weeks or months. Even with the limitations of which they can look for another job and secure their families, many are still able to have peace of mind because they are insured. 


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