Is Church Insurance Necessary?

There are multiple policies in play when getting church insurance. What are they? Keep reading to find out.

The church is not exempt from unforeseen occurrences. Like any other establishment, churches have to be protected from situations that may risk the integrity of the building and the things in it.

Who needs it?

There are multiple policies covering different risks involved in church insurance. The church often picks a policy that’s matched to their specific risks. Church insurance is applicable to religious organizations including mosques, temples, and synagogues. This insurance is important to have because churches also need to protect their assets.

Some other spiritual institutions  that may need insurance are the following:

  •       Traveling preachers – these are preachers who travel from one location to another. Their policy includes property transit.
  •       Meditation and other related practices – these spiritual practices may need business insurance to protect their assets.
  •       Home churches – these informal prayer groups are often part of the homeowner’s insurance. However, if it accepts donations and is connected to larger organizations, they will need church insurance.

Insurance options in Kentucky

Churches are places not only for worship but for almost all activities in the community. This includes prayer groups, daycare centers, preschool, and community meetings. It means that churches face greater risks when it comes to asset safety.

Some of the major risks that are covered in church insurance are as follows:

  1. Theft and burglary – Churches are often victims of theft and burglary. These things result in financial loss and damages to church properties. Church insurance covers valuable items including religious artifacts and stained-glass windows.
  2. Fires – Church fires cost $98 million in damages yearly. This cost doesn’t include the indirect damages caused by the fire like the supposed income-generating activities, rental space for meetings, and the outreach programs for the community. Usually, church fires are caused by faulty wiring, arson, and candles. With insurance coverage, the fire damages and other liabilities may be covered.
  3. Sexual misconduct liability – Churches are not exempted from sexual misconduct. Insurance protects the church from legal liabilities coming from acts of sexual misconduct by a member of the staff or volunteers.
  4. Employee benefits liability – This policy provides coverage for errors or omissions arising out of the administration of employee benefits programs.
  5. Hired and non-owned auto liability – This coverage includes liability and medical coverage for the church in case of legal liability issues from non-owned/hired auto.


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