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Business Insurance – Is my business protected?

Business is a broad word in itself, Insurance is too. When paired together side by side, Business Insurance, everything becomes complex and thus, confusing. There are several internal variables that must be examined before plunging into business insurance. In this post, we will be giving you some of the variables in business insurance you can […]

Benefits of Getting yourself a Life Insurance

Should I get life insurance? Let’s consider the why. It’s almost taboo to talk about getting life insurance while you’re still living. It defeats the purpose of really living life to the fullest when you’re already putting half your money into your grave. But why is there such a wrong connotation about life insurance? What […]

Frequently Asked Questions Answered – Business Insurance

You got questions on business insurance, you’ve come to the right place. We all have questions in our mind needing answers. The state of not knowing things hinder us in making the decisions that could benefit us. We tend to just sit back, afraid to ask, especially if it involves cost and if it involves […]

Commercial Car Insurance

Let’s talk about commercial auto insurance in two areas. First, who is not insured and second, insurable interest. From the policy form itself, who isn’t insured, by definition, is you for any auto that you’ re driving or anyone else while using your vehicle with permission except there are five exceptions to number 2 of […]

Worker’s Compensation

Both the employers and employees have responsibilities in knowing more about their compensation and the coverage policies along with it. It is important for the employers to know the coverages to gauge how much money they are going to put in it for the benefit of their workers. Similarly, the employees must be familiar with […]

Drones and your Insurance Policy

Stephen Vaughn is up with another video on how you can make wise decisions with your insurance policies. This time, he went to a very specific item that almost all techie people love, the drones. It seems like a small and trivial object to talk about but there’s more to drone than just the fact […]

Is your Policy Rotten?

Knowing what policy you want and the things you need is important before talking to any agent. This move saves you from pitfalls and possible misconceptions in asking suggestions for you policy. Rotten Apples, what does that have to do with your Insurance policies? The government has State Laws that we just adhere, so does […]