Is your Policy Rotten?

Knowing what policy you want and the things you need is important before talking to any agent. This move saves you from pitfalls and possible misconceptions in asking suggestions for you policy.

Rotten Apples, what does that have to do with your Insurance policies?

The government has State Laws that we just adhere, so does the lenders. We have so many insurance coverage to choose from and sad to say, we are not familiar with all of these things. This is the reason why many are hesitant to get their own policies.

Some just do not get the explanations they need. In fact, they often ask for an apple to apple comparison. This is okay but not entirely beneficial to you. You agent may be giving you rotten apples and you know nothing about it.  Any agent can just replicate your current policy, if that happens, then your agent might be replicating a bad policy, in this comparison, a rotten policy.

Stephen from the London Insurance Policy is aware of this fact. He wants to address this problem. Unlike other agents, he would like to sit down with you to talk about policies. Along with the client in the process, he gives a proposal that will not cost you much money. He isn’t the one who gives apples to apples comparison. He is one who checks if the apple is right and beneficial to you at first and makes smart moves from there.