What does Kentucky Farm Insurance entail?

Farm Insurance is created to help protect farmers and their families. Regardless of the farm’s size, insurance agencies aim to help farm owners choose the insurance coverage that’s right for their needs and budget. 


Agricultural production is dependent on many factors including weather conditions. With climate change, the weather conditions have been changing such that sometimes farm owners and ranchers have a hard time gauging their yield. Weather risks are becoming more and more common among agribusiness owners in Kentucky in the past decade. Globally, unfavorable weather conditions are becoming more frequent. This is especially true during the mild winter, cool summer, and during long periods of drought. 


There are several types of insurance that farmers can have. These include personal insurance, business property insurance, asset insurance, and liability insurance. These coverages protect farm owners from various risk factors. There’s a lot of money that is used to maintain a farm, it’s just important to make sure that you are properly protected. 


Personal Insurance

Everyone needs personal insurance in the event of any unforeseen occurrence. This will help you ensure the future of your family. 


Business Property Insurance 

This coverage is for the farm itself. It includes the building structures on the farm and the house within the property premise. 


Asset Insurance

Assets include equipment and machinery needed to keep the farm running. It’s important to keep these things protected so as to keep yourself from buying new equipment each time. 


Liability Insurance

The most common liability insurance policies are general and product liability insurance. 


There is more to farm insurance and agribusiness insurance. 

What is Agribusiness Insurance?

This kind of insurance coverage is to protect businesses that earn most of their revenue from agriculture. It’s applicable for family farms and ranches. More often than not, it’s for commercial grain and field crop growers, who use cutting-edge technology in their production and are also part of the processing, packaging, and distribution of products. In simplest terms, agribusiness insurance is for all businesses involved in agricultural production. 

London Insurance Agency 

London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center offers agribusiness insurance for farms and ranch owners of all types and sizes in all of Kentucky. With protection that you can depend on, we can tailor the program depending on your specific needs and budget. Our insurance policies can cover your buildings, contents, and other personal properties. It also includes commercial automobiles and fleets. 


We offer agribusiness services and coverage such as: 

  • Traditional property
  • Liability
  • Excess liability
  • Auto policies
  • Umbrella liability
  • Automobile and trucks
  • Employee benefits
  • Workers compensation 
  • Business packages
  • Farm/Ranch coverage


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