Non-Profit Insurance—Know Your Policy

Non-profit organizations and businesses are different in many ways even when they belong in the same industry. Like any other businesses and organizations, non-profit organizations still need the assistance of an insurance agency that will help them with the needs of their charitable entities. 


Nonprofit organizations need protection like everybody else. The board of directors, volunteers, and the people that your organization serves need protecting. NPOs need insurance coverage that will protect the building, the records, the office equipment, and vehicles used by the organization. 


The risks that non-profit organizations face vary as opposed to for-profit businesses. It is imperative to get an agent who understands how non-profit organizations operate. 


Our agents at London Insurance Agency consider the following when presenting an insurance policy for your organization: 

  • The area you serve and its population
  • Size and scope of your organization 
  • Your number of volunteers
  • The risks that  your board of directors is facing
  • Other needs that your organization might have


Coverage types to consider

The U.S. has over 1.5 million non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. Two-thirds are public charities and the others are private foundations. Non-profit organizations in Kentucky must protect their finances and assets. The following are coverages that non-profit organizations can consider


  • Commercial liability


This coverage includes accidents and injuries within the premises. It also covers damages caused by the organization’s representatives elsewhere. 


  • Property insurance


The policy covers damages to your property such as equipment, building, and others. 


  • Director’s and office insurance


This coverage protects your organization from any liability caused by the director or any of the professionals in the organization. 


  • Vehicle insurance


The coverage includes vehicles used in organizations excluding the personal cars owned by volunteers and the board of directors. 


NPOs are not safe from liability claims

Contrary to the belief that only businesses aren’t safe form liability claims, NPOs are just as vulnerable to getting sued for these types of claims. The organization takes responsibility for the action of its representatives, volunteers, and employees. 


It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in today’s society. Others may make claims that can cost the organization’s sustainability. Nonprofit insurance protects your agency from third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage. It may also cover the court costs in case of legal representations. 

Our agents here at London Insurance Agency are well aware of the specific types of nonprofit organization insurance. They make sure that you get the coverage that is in tune with your needs. Our skilled agents are willing to help you guard your organization against potential liability and other claims that may affect your agency’s financial stability. 


The values, mission, and good work that your organization is doing for the community will be in jeopardy if proper steps are not taken. You might end up closing your doors due to lawsuits. You need to protect your agency to be able to protect the people you serve without worrying about the risks that you are facing. Contact our agents now and see your options. We are ready to help you help others to the best of our abilities.