How Does Farm Insurance Work?

Your house needs protection, your car needs protection, and you need protection. Your farm and ranch are no different!


Farmers and ranchers know that their production depends not only on their skills but also on their environment and the season. For better or worse, there are many factors that may affect their production. In the worst-case scenario, the prepared farmers and ranchers know that nothing offers more protection than a good farm and ranch insurance policy. 


What’s covered in farm and ranch insurance?


Insurance policies differ from one to another. The base policy usually protects the home, the building, machinery, equipment, livestock, and other materials needed for the operation to start or function. The policy can also be tailored to your needs. You just have to talk to your agent about it. 


Understanding farm and ranch insurance 

There are subtle nuances in ranch and farm policies that you need to know before making the big decision. The usual farm insurance policy is a combination of standard coverage, commercial property, and liability coverage. Depending on certain factors, the policy can be changed from the standard homeowners’ policy to a ranch and farm policy. 


Factors to consider: 

  • Additional structures aside from a pool house and garage. This includes stables, hay barn or storage building. 
  • Kind of animals owned 
  • Number of horses and the manner of keeping the horses on the property (whether it’s with cash or via trading services)
  • Workers employed on the property 


These things tell you the kind of policy you need. If your farm and ranch are used for business, you may need to consider adding other coverage in case of loss of income, workers’ compensation, or commercial auto. Another policy you may want to consider is crop insurance. It protects you from income losses in the event that your crops suffer from natural causes.  


The cost of your policy depends on the type that you get. Some may be pricier than others due to additional coverage. However, rest assured that you will get what you pay for. 


Kentucky Farm and Ranch Insurance with London Insurance Agency 


London Insurance Agency is packed with capable agents who value your voice and opinion in picking out the coverage that’s best for your needs. Our agents will guide you and present your options to protect your farm or ranch regardless of its size. 


Some of the coverages we offer for farms and ranches are as follows: 

  • Homeowners – this coverage protects your house and your personal properties from natural disasters including wind and hail. It also protects your home and properties from theft and fire. 
  • Livestock, barns, and other structures 
  • Liability – this protects you when someone is injured on your property or there are damages to other properties caused by your party and there are legal expenses to shoulder.


There is no universal insurance and what may fit others may not be applicable to your needs. Reach out to us and we’ll make sure to give you the policy that fits what your farm and ranch needs.