Could Mobile Home Insurance be Right for You?

Home is indeed where the heart is, but not all homes are insured the same.

A home may be a townhouse, a condo unit, a bungalow, or a detached single-family home. In other cases, home means a manufactured/mobile home. These are more affordable and many people can call one their own. 

Kentucky Mobile/Manufactured Home Statistics: 

  • An estimated 560,000 residents live in mobile/manufactured homes
  • 36% of mobile homeowners are 60+ years of age 
  • The state produces over 2,400 mobile homes per year
  • Mobile homes take up 13.9% of all housing units

The numbers tell you just how many people are opting to get manufactured/mobile homes rather than a structured one. But mobile or not, this is still an investment and you need the same protection that homeowners have. You need mobile home insurance to make sure that you are protected when risks associated with mobile homes arise.

What is manufactured or mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance is a specific kind of homeowner’s policy designed for mobile homes. Some companies refer to mobile homes as manufactured homes. A builder often makes the mobile home in a factory using light material compared to the traditional home. When the building process is done, the mobile home is placed on a permanent foundation. 

Since the materials used are light, mobile homes are susceptible to strong winds and other damages. The usual homeowners’ policy isn’t enough to address all the unique needs of mobile homes. 

What is covered in mobile home insurance?

The mobile home insurance is similar to a homeowners policy but with different inclusions and exclusions. The following are the basic inclusions in mobile home coverage. 

  • Property damage

This coverage pays for damages to your home minus the deductible due to a covered loss.

Flooding isn’t included in this coverage so you might want to get separate insurance for that

especially if you live near a flood zone. 

  • Personal property

This is helpful in case of theft or damage to your personal belongings. Itemize your valuables

and insure them at replacement value. Ask one of our agents to help you schedule and ensure

your items. 

  • Liability coverage

This is when someone sues you for damages and incidents on your property that you’re

responsible for. Liability coverage helps you pay the legal fees. 

  • Medical payments

If you get injured on your property, medical payments will pay for your medical bills. However, it doesn’t include serious accidents. You can talk to your agent and ask about the limitations of this coverage. 


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