Saving for Your Emergency Fund

Regardless of the situation, an emergency fund will help you keep your family afloat!

Times have been tough for most of us, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Kentucky, at the time of writing, the state now has a total of 7, 935 cases with a death toll of 346. The upside to that is the 2,785 people who have recovered from the virus. There’s no telling when this pandemic will end. There’s no telling when things will go back to normal. 


However, the state is slowly letting businesses open up to resume their operations. In the issued guidance by Gov. Beshear, businesses will be reopened starting May 25 but with strict cautions on using electronic payments, keeping interactions to a minimum, maintaining social distancing, the wearing of masks, and more. Businesses to open are barbershops, salons, tattoo shops, nail salons, tanning salons, and other non-essential shops provided that they follow the guidance. 


It’s great news for small businesses as they can keep their income. This experience may have taught all of us a valuable lesson – the importance of having an emergency fund. 


What is an Emergency Fund? 

Your emergency fund is a bank account with money that is set to cover large and unexpected expenses. This may include home repairs or appliances replacement, car fixes, medical expenses, unemployment, and apparently, pandemics. The emergency fund is your buffer that will keep your family financially safe in a time of need. This is all the more important if you have a debt to pay.

Starting your emergency fund 

The first thing that you can do is evaluate your finances and cash flow. See how much is coming in and how much is going out, look for things that you can cut per month based on your budget that can go to your emergency fund. You also need to set a specific amount, and once that’s done, you can start opening an account. Look for an easy-to-access account with a decent return. If you are aiming for a higher return, you can go for a higher interest account to maximize the potential of your earnings. 


Keep in mind that your emergency fund will remain untapped unless a dire situation calls for it. You can set it and just forget about it. 


Building your emergency fund

There are ways to start your emergency fund right now. Here are some of the ways that you can do to build your emergency fund. 



  • Sell something 


We all have some tendencies of hoarding some things even if we don’t use them any longer. If you take a little time and tour around your house, you may find things that you are no longer using. This may be an extra TV, old kid’s toys, exercise equipment, power tool, or something else. 


  • Look for one-time opportunities 


Doing odd jobs is a great way to make some quick cash. You can do online surveys, care for pets for owners, walk dogs, or participate in consumer research. A look over your area’s Craigslist page will likely reveal some local opportunities to earn money.


  • Cut down on your expenses


This is an obvious option and where you and your members of the family probably need to decide together. Take a look at your expenses per month and see where you can cut the most. Balance your priorities and make sure that they are aligned with your financial goals.  


Another way that you can prepare your family for an emergency is by setting up insurance coverage to cover up unexpected bills such as medical bills, home repairs, and car repairs. These kinds of coverages may save you one day! Instead of using your buffer money to fund your home repairs and damages due to disastrous weather or other circumstances, you can use your home insurance instead. Ths same is true for your medical bills and car repairs. 


Here in London Insurance Agency, we have agents that will provide you with the answer to your questions. Aside from that, they also have your best interests at all times. Reach out and call us now! 

Insurance Companies Offering Rebates to Customers

Did you get any insurance rebates yet? If you haven’t, stick around to learn how to get yours. 


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay in their homes thus causing fewer car accidents in the streets of America. The lack of vehicular accidents, in turn, resulted in fewer claims and an increase in profits. Car insurers are now seeing the benefits of staying at home and some of them are now taking steps to ensure that their customers are not paying for policies that they are unable to use. 


A report from the Consumer Federation of America said that over 80% of auto insurance companies in the US have announced that they will be giving refunds or credit drivers with over $6.5 billion for the next two months. However, the program differs from one insurer to another. 


The largest auto insurer, State Farm, announced in the first half of April that it’s giving its policyholders a 25% credit on premiums that were paid between March 20th and May 31st. This means returning about $2 billion to its policyholders with a total of 40 million vehicles. 


Mark Haney, President of the Kentucky Farm Bureau, said that this is a great time for auto insurers to give back to their holders. They share the sentiment as the KFB also gives auto insurance to its members. Haney further added that KFB is giving $25 dividend to its auto insurance holders, that’s to 840,000 vehicles all over Kentucky amounting to $21 million. 


GEICO gives back among others 

GEICO’s Giveback program also offers a refund to its auto and motorcycle insurance holders with 15% automatic credit for their next full policy term renewals between April 8 and October 7, 2020. GEICO says that holders with policy amounting to $1,000 for six months will get $150 credit for their next renewal. GEICO will also pause any cancellations of auto policies due to non-payments until the end of April this year. 


Just a note, the program is only applicable to the new and already customers with policies renewing in the next two-six months, that’s about a third of all of GEICO’s policyholders.


Other companies that have announced to refund their holders are Progressive, Allstate, Farmers, 21st century, and USAA. Instructions to get some money back are available on each of their websites. For Progressive, their customers will be getting 20% credit for the months of April and May.


London Insurance Agency | Give us a call  

If your company isn’t listed, you can go ahead and check their website for yourself to see if they’re offering any rebate.


Several auto insurers have already begun giving refunds and credits to its policyholders. If you’re curious as to how you can also get yours, you can try calling your insurers or your agents. You can also pick up the phone and give us a call. 

Here at London Insurance Agency, we have independent agents who can help you figure out how you may be able to get your refund as well. We also provide you with insurance at the lowest possible price. Give us a call now!

Unemployment Insurance Crash Course

With the influx of people filing for unemployment insurance, there’s a line of people waiting on hold. But what is unemployment insurance?


Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Education and Workforce Development cabinet Josh Benton both passed new guidelines on how to file unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Since then, the number of people calling has more than doubled. In a regular day sans pandemic, the number of calls would range to 1,000 to 1,200 a day and with 12 people manning the phone. Today, the number of people calling has gone up to 80,000 to 200,000 a day with 120 people behind the phone answering them. With the sudden spike of traffic, some lags and waiting are expected. 


What is the UI Trust Fund? 

In normal circumstances, an unemployment insurance fund is used to pay out unemployment insurance claims. The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet controls and manages that fund. When a person files for a claim, the agency reviews and verifies the employment and wage history of the claimant. When the claim is approved, the individual can then proceed to get the claim. 


Are you qualified to file? 

Any individual who lost their jobs could appeal but they still have to undergo an appeal process to figure out the party at fault. The process may take a week depending on the number of people waiting. When the entire process is done, the check-out may take a week or two. 


If you are planning to file a claim, the process will be smoother if you prepare the requirements ahead of time. You will need the following


  • Driver’s license 
  • Dates of employment
  • Social security number
  • Employer’s information


Because of the number of people filing for a claim, the agency has set-up a schedule for those who want to make a call. You can apply on a specific day based on your surname. 


  • A-D Sunday
  • E-H Monday
  • I-L Tuesday
  • M-P Wednesday
  • Q-U Thursday
  • V-Z Friday 

Note: All the others who weren’t able to file in their specified dates can make their calls and file their claims on Fridays. 


Claimants will get their first payment automatically and all the other benefits are extended for up to three weeks. An additional $600 will be added to the claim checks when the state receives the federal guidance. 


Employer Relief Bill signed 

In other news, Kentucky Governor Beshear signed the Employer Relief Bill to offer relief to employees severely affected by the pandemic. The bill relieves employers by turning unemployment insurance into law. This means waiving the 7-day waiting period for Kentucky residents and giving them access to the unemployment benefits. That aside, the bill also enables states to start licensing, renew application fees and other administrative requirements, and to keep business owners’ insurances to impact their employers. 


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Kentucky Insurance News regarding COVID-19

Almost 20% of Kentucky’s workforce is affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Nearly 10 million people in Kentucky have filed for unemployment benefits since the announcement for filing in March. However, losing a job carries a string of worries for families not only in terms of how the family heads can provide and put food on the table but also protecting their families’ health amid COVID-19. 


Medicaid and extended Medicaid program

Dustin Pugel, senior policy analyst at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, estimated that tens of thousands have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance in Kentucky. 


Many employees in Kentucky depend on their employers for their health insurance payments. With an unemployed status, their healthcare coverage options are now put on hold. Governor Andy Beshear explained that along with filing unemployment insurance claims, Kentuckians can also apply for Medicaid coverage. 


WellCare of Kentucky oversees Medicaid coverage for over 400,000 residents of Kentucky. Medicaid is a federal and state health program that’s aimed for the disabled and the poor but will now also include the ones affected by lay-offs due to the pandemic. For those who wish to apply, you can call +1 855-459-6329 or visit to fill up the one-page application. 


Eric Friedlander, the acting cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary, said in an interview earlier this month that aside from Medicaid, they can also get their insurance via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via He further added that they have made presumptive measures and assumed that everyone is eligible for the expanded Medicaid program. The program will be short-term coverage and benefits end on June 30 or two months after filing. 


Retroactive payments for delayed unemployment filings

JT Henderson, executive director of communications for the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, announced last Thursday that Kentucky is issuing retroactive payment for people who got their checks late. 


Those who filed for unemployment insurance are supposed to automatically get their check two weeks after their initial filing. Due to the influx of people filing a claim, the workforce could not accommodate all the claims on time. This is even with the additional people hired to help the agency get the calls of anxious applicants. Gov. Beshear has apologized profusely for the delay and other issues regarding the claims. He assured the public that the agency has been taking as many calls as they can. 


KFB Insurance donates $500,000 to support the Kentucky Hunger Initiative

Kentucky Farm Bureau donates half a million dollars to aid hunger. KFB’s President, Mark Haney shared how the pandemic has affected all walks of life regardless of socioeconomic status. However, it has impacted those who were living in food-insecure conditions even before the health crisis has begun. 


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Kentucky Unemployment

Kentucky’s New Unemployment Insurance Guidelines

A new guideline has been implemented due to the surge of layoffs in several industries caused by COVID-19. 


Many businesses in Kentucky have closed down after Gov. Andy Beshear released an order to put a pause in in-service dining at restaurants. Other non-essential businesses such as salons and barbershops have closed down. This occurrence had flooded the state with people trying to file unemployment insurance claims. The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC) implements a new UI filing procedure and a new local office phone line for their customers to implement the change. 


My obligation is to keep people safe during this time. I realize many of the steps I am taking to protect Kentuckians during this COVID-19 emergency are affecting employers and workers financially,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. 


One of the first changes is the waiving of the previously mandatory one-week waiting period for the unemployment benefits. The new guidelines also include removing the requirements for people who are looking for work while they are receiving their benefits. 


The website and phone line were opened on Monday and Tuesday and both crashed due to the number of people claiming for UI. The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet had to increase its staff to 45 employees to cater to all the callers. 


What does this mean for you?

The new guidelines will allow people to get two weeks of pay for the first time they request for their benefits. In simplest terms, people who can claim benefits and file for unemployment insurance at the same time. 


Those who have lost their jobs and those who are under medical quarantine due to the virus are eligible to apply. The unemployment insurance can run every two weeks for a maximum of 26 weeks or until the time that they find a job again or they’re called back to work again. For those who wish to apply, you can do so by visiting the official website or via phone. 


Here is the list of phone numbers in the locations near you. 


Bowling Green area 270-746-7425

Elizabethtown area 270-766-5115

Covington area 859-292-6666

Hazard area 888-503-1423

Hopkinsville area 270-889-6509

Lexington area 859-233-5940

Louisville area 502-595-4003

Morehead area 606-783-8525

Owensboro area 270-686-2502

Paducah area 270-575-7000

Prestonsburg area 888-503-1423

Somerset area 606-677-4124


EWDC Deputy Secretary Josh Benton implored people to follow the new guidelines when filing the claim so that their computers and phone lines will be able to cater to the needs of the many. He further added that they will try their best to process all the claims for those who are experiencing job loss at the moment. 


London Insurance Agency 

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New Kentucky Bill Would Require Insurers to Help with EpiPens

Kentucky followed suit with Illinois’ bill that requires health insurance providers to include the Epinephrine injectors in their coverage for children and teenagers. 


Illinois was the first state to propose the bill that aimed to help parents save up some money from purchasing a life-saving epinephrine shot for their children. Instead of burdening the parents for epinephrine injection, the State shifted the expenses to the health insurance providers. The House Bill 3435 signed by Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker took effect last January 1, 2020. 


This is by far one of the biggest steps for the legislation in its goal of protecting their children and their families. Parents are now assured that their kids will receive the treatment they need especially after how several states battled with a limited supply of EpiPens in the previous year. 


Cost of EpiPens keep on rising

The epinephrine shots are useful during anaphylactic shocks. The EP shot delivers adrenaline to the body to restart the heart or open up airways and reduce the swelling. 


EpiPens are effective first-aid life-saving medication. However, more and more families are finding it more difficult to purchase it due to the cost. Back in 2009, a pair of EpiPen was only for $100 and by the next year, the price jumped to a hefty amount of $600. At the moment, two packs of the injectors are priced at $700. The generic version of EpiPens costs half as much. 


Kentucky follows suit

Kentucky decided to follow suit and proposed a bill similar to that of Illinois. If the bill is passed and approved, health insurance providers in the state of Kentucky will be required to cap copayments and deductibles at $50/injection. This price will be adjusted for price inflation every year. What will become known as House Bill 519 will be beneficial for families with children suffering from extreme allergies as it will help them with their medical expenses. 


The bill is assumed to go into effect after January 1, 2021. 


What does this mean for families in Kentucky?

Wave3 News report interviewed families with children suffering from severe allergies. Jaime Booker said that her daughter suffers from a serious allergic reaction and just recently had the biggest scare of her child’s life. The EpiPen injection saved her daughter’s life. 


She further explained that for families like hers, the cost of EP shots are a constant source of concern. Booker has an insurance plan that covers most of the injectors’ cost but for others who don’t have the means, it can be difficult for them to afford even a pair of epinephrine injectors. 


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Kentucky’s Young Children without Health Insurance Increased to 50.7%

We all need regular check-ups but children often need more attention. There are baby appointments, routine immunizations, screenings, vaccinations, and more. 


The number of children without insurance in Kentucky has increased to over 1 million for the first time since the Affordable Care Act was implemented in 2014, according to the research data from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families. Health care is an important facet in a child’s development. In fact, children are recommended to have at least 15 check-ups by the time they turn 6 years old. 


The Increasing rate of children without health insurance 

Many health experts are alarmed by the rising number of uninsured children under the age of six. When children visit hospitals and clinics, they undergo various tests including speech, hearing, and vision tests. Other examinations are on genetic disorders, effects on trauma, and toxic exposures. 


Insurance for children shouldn’t just be an option, it should be a priority. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions recommends for children under 6 years of age to get several vaccinations for hepatitis A & B, whooping cough, polio, chickenpox, rubella, measles, and mumps. Not getting even one of those shots could lead to health problems in their adulthood. 


Kentucky is facing an increase of 50.7%, this means 12, 973 of young children don’t have access to medical attention. There are 10 other states that are having the same health dilemma along with Kentucky.


Impact on young children

Going without health insurance has bad implications for children and their families. Without health coverage, children wouldn’t be able to get the necessary tests and vaccines they need. Children with health problems may be undiagnosed and this will affect them when they go to school, graduate, and get a job. Having health insurance is linked to better health, education, and economic outcomes for children. The same increasing rate is also seen in older children. The number of kids without health insurance including these older children and younger children hiked up to 40,000. 


Georgetown University pointed out that government actions and several policies are making it harder for families to get health coverage or renew their coverage for their children via Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 


Kentucky Governor, Gov. Andy Beshear intends to address the issue by proposing a biennial budget that would include Kentucky’s CHIP and Medicaid Expansion. This enables the 40,000 uninsured kids to be eligible for either Medicaid, Marketplace plan, and Kentucky’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. 


Good coverage ensures a better future for young children. Parents have the responsibility to ensure their children’s future. Here at London Insurance Agency, we have agents that are ready for any of your queries. 


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Auto Insurance Rates Could Increase this Year

Lending Tree reports that Auto insurance may see a rate increase this year. But why? Read more. 


There are several reasons why auto insurance prices will likely rise this year. The increasing record of natural disasters as well as the increasing repair rate of tech-loaded vehicles are just some of the assumed reasons for the rise of car insurance rates. 


The continuous climb of auto insurance rates 

The consistent increase of losses due to car insurance claims is probably one of the major factors for more expensive auto insurance rates this year. The increase started in 2017 with 7.2% of reported losses and by the following year, the report was added with a 1.6% rate hike. 


The report further showed that the combined loss ratio of over 100% indicating that the companies had more losses than earned revenue from their premium coverages. This negative profit will be a driving factor for the increased rate of auto insurance.  


Companies are losing money 

The US has been struck with a number of natural disasters in 2019. Year after year, natural disasters result in billion of dollars of insurance claims. It’s not only the home insurers that are taking the hit, but the auto insurance industry is also taking on the same damage as well. 


In California alone, the Department of Insurance estimated that wildfires from 2018 cased over $123 million in nonresidential and auto claims. The storms Michael and Florence also resulted in an insurance loss of between $7.7 billion to $14.6 billion. 


Another reason for insurance companies losing money is because if vehicle repairs that are getting more and more expensive by the day. New vehicles have higher repair cost especially with the cars’ new features and technology. This higher repair cost will also convince companies to increase their premiums to make up with the expected loss. 


Cost of auto insurance in the future 

There’s no way to tell just how much increase there will be. It’s important to budget and be prepared for any potential price increases.

Lower your car insurance rates 

You can do something to lower your car insurance rates by considering a usage-based insurance program. It’s done by installing a telematics device in your car and it will send data of the car’s use such as the brake, acceleration, speed, and distance traveled in a day. 


Drivers with good driving habits often have benefits as opposed to other drivers. Drivers with good records will be approved for discounts much faster than others. If you can, it’s also better fo drive fewer miles to qualify for the low-mileage discount. 

The telematics device attached to your device will also be helpful in terms of investigations. The stored data will help speed up the investigation process. 


London Insurance Agency offers Auto Car Insurance 

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Lower Your Home Insurance Cost in 2020

Are you looking for ways to lower your homeowner’s insurance and decrease your insurance spending this year? 


Owning a house in America means having to shoulder the cost of homeowners’ insurance. It is an expense that you can’t escape from. The cost of your home insurance differs based on the location and age of the house. But normally, the cost of homeowners’ insurance premium is $1,200. For low earners, this price can look very expensive. They take comfort in knowing that they’ll be reimbursed in the event that their homes are destroyed by fire or other causes. 


However, there are things you can do to reduce your homeowner insurance premium cost. Let’s talk about some of the methods you can try. 


Purchase coverage from one provider

It will be helpful to have a single provider for your homeowner’s insurance and your auto insurance policies. This isn’t just for efficiency’s sake, it can also reduce the overall price. Some insurance companies offer a bundle coverage wherein the two come together in one policy. Other companies also offer discounts to each policy if you get both from them. You can check with our agents at London Insurance Agency for companies that offer bundles and discounts. 


Reduce flooding risks

Flooding is one of the most common claims in the US. There are things that you can do to reduce your insurance premiums even when your home is located in a flood-risk area. You can elevate your home and utilities or install flood openings. Even when your home isn’t located near the high-risk flood zone, flood insurance will still prove to be helpful in the event of storms and flooding. 


Go for long-term policies 

You may think that you’re saving when you’re going for a 3 or 6 months policy but in reality, these policies cost more. Longer policies are cheaper than shorter ones. It is also cheaper if you pay the policy in full rather than in installments. If you don’t have the means to pay in full at the moment, then you can choose to have your premiums be deducted automatically from your bank. It’s efficient and it saves you from overdue fees. 


Shop and look for options

Don’t settle with the first company that you see or agent you talk to. Open your options and compare notes. Rates may differ from one company to another so make sure that you have more than one quote from various agents. You can also check for your agent or the company’s rating to see if they’re exceptional or not. 


At the end of the day, it is imperative that you understand fully your homeowners’ insurance policy. Having a home is a big investment and you need to protect it at all costs. Take the time to consider your options, research, and talk to professionals. 


Our independent agents at London Insurance Agency and Insurance Service Center represent more than one company. This means having more than one option for your coverage of choice. 


Feel free to talk to one of them and ask your questions! 

Reevaluate Your Insurance Policy in 2020

The new year has just begun, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your options and see if you still have the best coverage. 


The start of a new decade is a great time to take a hard look at your personal finances. For people who are working on a tight budget, it’s practical to review your expenses and see where you can make some cuts. One of the most common categories that you should be looking at is your insurance.


If you are looking for options, it would be best to consult with your insurance agent or other professionals who will give you their honest opinion. You have the freedom to cancel, reduce, or add coverage in your insurance policy but you do need to think everything through before making any concrete decisions. 


Check out the following aspects when evaluating your life insurance policies: 


CostWhile it’s true that cheaper coverages feel lighter for you financially, you should know that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. If there are a number of compromises in terms of sum assured and on the other benefits then you’re not saving money. See to it that your policy is cost-effective and is compatible with what you’re looking for. 


Convenience Insurance agents can make your life better as they make the process a lot easier and much more efficient. You don’t want to go through a big hassle just to pay your insurance. Being able to purchase and submit documents online makes a difference. 


Coverage This is the most important feature that you need to evaluate in your policy. Be sure that your policy has a healthy sum assured and there’s a good number of availability of riders that can be added to your basic policy plan. Some of these riders may include critical illness and disability, term rider, accidental death benefit, and others. 


Customer ServiceSome websites have 24/7 customer service available and you can just visit the site and type in your questions. You can also evaluate how helpful the managers and their email customer support are. 


Cut back carefully or cancel altogether

While cutting back seems like the best option to save money, you need to be careful of the things you are going to let go of. However, when you’ve seen that you don’t actually need an insurance policy, then canceling it is probably the best option. 


For example, if you have a car then keeping your car insurance is logical. The same is true of home insurance if you are a homeowner. But some kinds of coverages that you may not deem necessary are dental insurance, vision insurance, pet insurance, and other supplemental insurance. 


Find out what your coverage covers

Policy wordings can get so complex and you end up not reading everything and leaving it to your agent. This is a common but grave mistake. You need to know what you are paying for. Pay attention to the kinds of risk events that the policy covers, the limit, and when the risks even occur. 


Talk to your agent

Honesty is still the best policy and having an open line of communication with your agent is a good thing. When things are getting tough, you can talk to your agent to discuss your plans going forward. Agents are experts and they can switch some details and offer different coverages for a lower price. 

London Insurance Agency has some of the best agents in the area. We are capable of answering your questions and help you in evaluating your coverage to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need and what you’re paying for.