Questions for Kentucky business owners to ask

At London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center, we can help protect your business and investment so a claim doesn't hurt your day to day business activities.  There are a few questions to consider when choosing your business insurance and your local Kentucky insurance agency.

What are the coverage limits?  Knowing this will help when you have a claim so you know what your deductible will be and what the policy will pay out.  Our agents can assist in knowing your total risk and your limits.

What is covered?  Most policies will cover the accident or damage resulting from the goods or services that you provide.  Our agency can make sure you have the right coverage in case of an accident or lawsuit.

What policies do you need?  At London Insurance Agency, we can evaluate your business-related risks to find the best policies and comprehensive coverage to protect your business.  You may want to purchase together or separately when acquiring your general liability, worker’s compensation, liability, errors and omissions or business interruption policies.

Asking the right questions and research can prevent claims and gaps in coverage to protect your Kentucky business.