Winter Preparedness in Kentucky

When winter is getting ready to arrive in Kentucky, there are a few tips you can do to prepare and try to prevent the possibility of having a winter related insurance claim.

Perform basic winter maintenance on your home.  Insulating your walls and water lines or weathers striping can help prevent energy loss.  Make sure to have our fireplace or wood stove serviced each year helping to prevent any fires or smoke damage.  Don’t use gas powered generators or grills indoors as this will increase the risk of fire or damage inside the home.

Winter car maintenance – making sure your car is ready for the winter will help it run better and prevent what may be any winter related accidents or claims.  Make sure your tires are in good shape for the winter roads and have the proper air pressure.  Ensuring all fluid levels are right will help prevent the need of a tow or insurance claim if you break down somewhere due to freezing.

At London Insurance Agency & Insurance Service Center , we can help you with any auto or home insurance needs or coverages you may want to review or address with the upcoming winter weather.