Kentucky commercial auto insurance questions

Vehicles keep your business running and keeping the right insurance and policy is essential.  Having the right insurance agency at London Insurance Agency or Insurance Service Center can help you in weeding through what information out there may be true or not.

  1. Do all commercial auto companies have their own adjusters?  Most companies don't or use part-time adjusters.  This will prevent or delay your vehicles getting back on the road quicker.  Find a company that has in-house adjusters to process your claim fast.
  2. Do you have to pay all premiums up-front?  Not all carriers require this and finding one that you can make payments will help free up business costs and funds for other daily needs.
  3. Are my employees covered when driving company vehicles?  Some companies may only cover those employee’s names in the policy.  So, make sure your company allow permissive use so all your drivers are covered.

By having London Insurance Agency or Insurance Service Center evaluate your commercial auto insurance risks and needs, we can help you find a carrier that is open 24/7 and has a reputation for commercial vehicle insurance service & support.